Margaret BridgefordHi, I’m Margaret Bridgeford. My life has been absorbed with food, farming and education, all of which have lead me down a path of natural healing. Recently, I recorded a lifetime of learning in my book, ‘Eat … Think … Heal: One family’s story of discovering the healing powers of food and thought’. Now I dedicate my time to human health with a focus on food and vibrational medicine.

I do this through teaching, speaking, writing and offering personal consultations, empowering you to “Let Nature Be the Doctor”. Welcome to my website!

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My philosophy is to ‘Let Nature be the Doctor’. I think that nature is incredibly powerful and far wiser than we will ever be. To ‘Let Nature Be The Doctor’, we need to take back responsibility for our own health and become active in this pursuit. For me, this means making conscious choices. These choices include 

  1. Buying and eating whole food as chemical-free as possible, prepared in the best way for our bodies to digest.
  2. Taking responsibility for the power and influence of our thoughts.
  3. Releasing our bodies from toxic and emotional knots and burdens that we store inside.

My goal is to share information, and provide knowledge and support to allow others to create a lifestyle that will “Let Nature Be The Doctor”. I do this through workshops, blogs, podcasts, books and private consultations, covering food, soil, vibrational medicine, and the power of the heart. 

All these powerful aspects of nature play a part in creating the foundation of a strong, resilient ‘being’ with a powerful immune system, where drugs and pharmaceutical solutions do not come out to play! 



Dominating nature is an obsession for humans.

We are paying the price.

Come with me as I tell you my story – our family’s story – of food and farming, of health and ill health, and of understanding the healing powers of the universe and the choices we really can make. 


“Wow, what a book! This is one of the most fascinating sprints through cutting edge wellness thinking I’ve read in a long time. And I do a lot of reading.”
Joel Salatin, farmer, author, integrity food advocate

“Margaret Bridgeford has woven incisive research to create a vivid image of the landscapes of soil, body and soul, revealing the vibrational connection between them all. Margaret Bridgeford convincingly ignites a call to action.”
Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, Visual Artist

Foods That Heal

Nourishing food supports our body at almost every level.

To make the most of food’s nourishing and healing qualities, we can learn a great deal from the traditional cultures. They were not reliant on the modern industrial food and health systems which have beset us today. Their health and longevity was supported by local food and its careful preparation.

I actively promote (and personally practice in my own kitchen) the food preparation principles of traditional cultures as defined by the Weston A Price Foundation. To learn about traditional food preparation techniques,  I invite you to read more…

 To see the changes I have made to my personal fridge and pantry over the past ten years, take a look at my ‘Then and Now’ food list! Read more…

Throughout this site, including my blogs, I expand many of these principles for practical, daily application. 

Vibrational Medicine

An important part of my work is vibrational medicine. I am a teacher and practitioner of the Dawson Program. As an arm of vibrational medicine, it is described as vibrational kinesiology.

For an individual client, the discipline and structure of the Dawson Program allows me to facilitate different levels of healing, depending on your body’s highest priority needs. This healing process is conducted utilising the widely practiced muscle testing technique known as kinesiology, combined with specific frequencies (sounds, crystals, colour and scent) that resonate with the body’s needs to dissolve stored memories and experiences that may be impacting on your physical and emotional health, and are no longer helpful to your wellbeing.

In addition to individual practice, I conduct teaching workshops that give clients a detailed understanding of the principles supporting this profound discipline of vibrational medicine, as well as provide you with the skills to utilise its benefits for your own family. For further information, you can read several blogs on this site. I also invite you to  contact me for a discussion or to arrange an appointment.

Gut Health Made Simple

Date: Tuesday, August 20th
Time: 6.30 – 9.30 pm

Date: Saturday, October 26th
Time: 1.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue: Relaxation Centre of Qld
15 South Pine Road, Alderley

Fee: $30

Phone to register: 3856 3733

Dyslexia, Anxiety, Depression and Vibrational Medicine

Date: Sunday, August  25th
Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Venue: Relaxation Centre of Qld
15 South Pine Road, Alderley

Fee: $30

Phone to register: 3856 3733

Vibrational Medicine Training Workshop

This workshop is fully subscribed. To be kept informed of the next workshop details, please complete the contact form on this website.

Dawson Program Brochure 2019

Module 1: Sat, Aug 31st to Mon, Sept 1st
Module 2: Sat, Oct 12th to Mon, Oct 14th 

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