How to ‘Flick the Switch’ and Tap into the Five Key Areas of Health for a Dynamic and Healthy Life

A client came to me recently with mild depression, lack of motivation, total lethargy and reduced decision making capacity. His life long GP had taken standard blood tests and not found any outstanding issues. He suggested that age may be a factor and that anti-depressants might be useful. The client had chosen not to act [...]

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Who’s in charge here – you or your genes?

THIS audio describes a field of study called epigenetics, showing how we influence our genes through our food, our thoughts, and environment. It also describes how we pass on these changes to future generations and how we can begin to heal with four small steps. A written version of this audio presentation is also available –

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What happens during a Dawson Program correction?

I have recently written several blogs about the Dawson Program and its position as a healing discipline within the scope of vibrational medicine. By now, you may be wondering what actually happens when you experience a correction with the Dawson Program. Here's a quick precise, as well as a few examples of feedback from clients of the [...]

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