These stories are actual experiences that I have had in my practice in the past few weeks. I share them with you to help illustrate just how powerful the Dawson Program can be.

Story #1

One little boy, aged about 7, has come to me twice. His mother booked the appointment on a recommendation from someone who is trained in the Dawson Program, but is not a practitioner. His mother had no idea what she was coming to but had said she was prepared to try anything. This is what mothers so often do in the constant pursuit of searching for solutions for their children.

I started as I always do with an eye tracking exercise. This little boy had no capacity to focus his eyes when I asked him to slowly follow my finger as a tracking exercise. His eyes jumped all over the place. His reading and word recognition was virtually non-existent and he also fidgeted constantly. He had been prescribed glasses.

After about 30 minutes of the first session, his eye tracking function was about 80% of normal function. I was amazed and his mother was gobsmacked! There was a multitude of reasons with different traumas stored in his body. One month later they returned and the little boy seemed transformed! He strode into the clinic with his chest out and his head high with a huge smile on his face. He is no longer wearing his glasses, he had received a reading award at school, his tutor had asked two days later what had happened, he is now reading the names of cars as he drove past them and quoting number plates to his mother from memory after the car had passed by! He also lay very still on the massage table – something that was impossible for him just four weeks previous!

This adult male, early 30’s, had come to me about 12 months ago feeling he was ‘stuck’. His concentration was waning. He was anxious about decisions in his life and his vision had deteriorated quite quickly. He had been prescribed glasses, with the strength of the prescription increased as his eyes deteriorated.

We had two sessions, about 8 weeks apart. Then a follow up recently at the 12 month mark. Life does have a way of sorting itself out and I guess you can never be sure about any particular intervention. What I can say is that this man’s vision has completely recovered and he has not been wearing his glasses for at least 6 months. When I asked him about this, his response was that he believes he was storing anxiety which he has now released and is much more able to process challenges when they come his way.

Esoteric healers like Louise Hay always relate vision issues with not wanting to see the future. In this man’s case, this could be true as it was his personal future that was troubling him and now it is not. I am prepared to say that this man is now significantly more settled about his life. He is also far more bodily aware, now recognising when he’s storing some uncertainties and able to articulate what they are and why.