What happens during a Dawson Program correction?

I have recently written several blogs about the Dawson Program and its position as a healing discipline within the scope of vibrational medicine. By now, you may be wondering what actually happens when you experience a correction with the Dawson Program. Here's a quick precise, as well as a few examples of feedback from clients of the [...]

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The Story of The Left Brain, The Right Brain, and a Visitor Called Dyslexia

Tired eyes, poor concentration, slow reading and constant distractions can now become a thing-of-the-past. Hello and welcome to this revealing story about dyslexia. This blog is also available as an audio blog. If you suffer any of these symptoms you probably sometimes also feel frustration and embarrassment. You may believe that you need to live [...]

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Is modern farming serving society?

Earlier this month, I spoke at a forum in our national capital hosted by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation. The moment was not lost on me. Although the group was small, the topic was not. I chose a topic that challenges our current food system, with the overarching question “Is modern farming serving society?” I [...]

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