Which fats and why?

Oh so many questions arise when we start to consider this topic! To complicate it, you will receive different advice and opinion depending who you ask! My suggestion is to ask widely and work out what makes sense to you. It's your body after all!! On that note, here’s my opinion, garnished from a great [...]

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Gut Health Made Simple

How can single celled organisms rumbling around in your stomach possibly be connected with all the world’s auto-immune conditions as well as autism, ADHD, stress, anxiety and depression? Those single celled organisms, mostly referred to as gut bacteria, perform extraordinary tasks of which we are blissfully unaware. They also wreak havoc on our entire bodily [...]

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Simple steps to healthy eating

Three Nutrients, Just One Choice – small steps - easy! In the blink of an eye, one year ended and another began! Did ‘eating healthier’ find its way onto your list of New Year’s resolutions? What on earth does ‘eating healthier’ mean? It’s particularly tricky during holiday season when the resolution is made! Where do [...]

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