What’s your medicine?

What’s your medicine? We have so many health treatment choices available to us. It’s sometimes tricky to work out which one to use and when. If you have gut issues, you may ask yourself “Should I go to a doctor, or a dietician or a naturopath?” If you have joint pain or inflammation, the question [...]

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What is a thought catcher?

LISTEN to how a simple emotion of frustration or appreciation can dramatically alter the health of your body. Learn tips on how to use your own personal ‘thought-catcher’ to choose the thoughts that you keep and the thoughts that you let go. A written version of this audio presentation is also available – http://margaretbridgeford.com.au/what-is-a-thought-catcher/ [...]

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What is a thought catcher?

When you hear the word ‘thought-catcher’ what comes to mind for you? It could be a special book where you write down thoughts that you want to keep. It could be a template for designing a special document where you want to capture the ideas from multiple contributors. In this case, it’s neither of those [...]

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How to ‘Flick the Switch’ and Tap into the Five Key Areas of Health for a Dynamic and Healthy Life

A client came to me recently with mild depression, lack of motivation, total lethargy and reduced decision making capacity. His life long GP had taken standard blood tests and not found any outstanding issues. He suggested that age may be a factor and that anti-depressants might be useful. The client had chosen not to act [...]

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Confessions of a dyslexic

THIS 9-minute audio describes the differences in peripheral vision between boys and girls and gives a range of options available to parents and teachers to help boys build their reading skills and to maintain learning and focus. A written version of this audio presentation is also available – https://letnaturebethedoctor.com/confessions-of-a-dyslexic-2/ […]


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