What is a thought catcher?

LISTEN to how a simple emotion of frustration or appreciation can dramatically alter the health of your body. Learn tips on how to use your own personal ‘thought-catcher’ to choose the thoughts that you keep and the thoughts that you let go. A written version of this audio presentation is also available – http://margaretbridgeford.com.au/what-is-a-thought-catcher/ [...]

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Who’s in charge here – you or your genes?

THIS audio describes a field of study called epigenetics, showing how we influence our genes through our food, our thoughts, and environment. It also describes how we pass on these changes to future generations and how we can begin to heal with four small steps. A written version of this audio presentation is also available – https://letnaturebethedoctor.com/whos-in-charge-here-you-or-your-genes-2/

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Confessions of a dyslexic

THIS 9-minute audio describes the differences in peripheral vision between boys and girls and gives a range of options available to parents and teachers to help boys build their reading skills and to maintain learning and focus. A written version of this audio presentation is also available – https://letnaturebethedoctor.com/confessions-of-a-dyslexic-2/ […]

Left brain / right brain, and a visitor called dyslexia

THIS audio recording describes how the condition of dyslexia can be overcome. It also explains the function of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and how they impact on dyslexia and other reading and concentration issues. A written version of this audio presentation is also available –  https://letnaturebethedoctor.com/the-story-of-the-left-brain-the-right-brain-and-a-visitor-called-dyslexia-2/ […]

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Is modern farming serving society?

WITH my family’s farming experience as a backdrop, in this audio/slide presentation I delve into the tools of choice for modern farmers to improve yield and weed control – namely artificial fertilisers (for yield) and glyphosate (for weed control). I also explain how constant use over long periods causes the demise of our soils and [...]

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