I mentioned in my first post that when I started to realise how everything in our world seems to be connected, even though things appear to be separate, I felt the need to write about it. That writing became my book, featured on this website, titled Eat … Think … Heal: One Family’s Story of Discovering the Healing Powers of Food and Thought.

Part of the momentum for my writing was to further explore what I had read about the work of a polygrapher who had worked for the CIA. His discoveries have been dismissed by many scientists and heralded by others.

Cleve Backster was the polygrapher. You may have heard of the book called “The Secret Life of Plants” where Cleve Backster’s experiments are featured, showing that plants can respond to the thoughts of humans as well as communicate with bacteria in yoghurt!

In addition to his plant experiments, he also conducted experiments with people. He separated some white blood cells from his subjects and placed them in a vile. He then positioned the white blood cells at various distances from the subject – in the same room, in a different room in the same building, in a different building 25 kilometres away and again more than 350 kilometres away. The subjects were then asked to think and feel a range of emotions while the separated DNA was being monitored. In all situations, regardless of distance, the DNA responded to the change of emotions of the subject instantaneously.

Such experiments were replicated by The Institute of HeartMath, adding an extra variable of the power of intention to their thoughts. The result of their experiments take the word ‘astonishing’ to a whole new level. The Institute of HeartMath determined that, with focused thought, the human mind is able to change the structure of DNA that has been separated from the body.

I’ll leave you to contemplate that power that we hold within us. How important is your thinking to your health and well-being?

With love and appreciation,

Margaret Bridgeford