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Four Things We Can Learn From What Cats Eat

THIS audio recording explains how processed foods can create a deterioration of the structure of our body, our emotional stability and our ability to reproduce.
Eaten over long periods of time, this deterioration can magnify in subsequent generations.

The research was conducted by Dr Pottenger, in a ten year study, now known as “Pottenger’s Cats”.

His work correlates with the findings of Dr Weston A Price who studied the impact of processed foods on traditional cultures, highlighting deterioration in jaw structure, reproductive capacity and overall health. A written version of this audio presentation is also available – https://letnaturebethedoctor.com/four-things-we-can-learn-from-what-cats-eat-2/

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Margaret Bridgeford
Margaret Bridgeford lives in Brisbane, Australia. Margaret’s recently published book, “Eat … Think … Heal: One Family’s Story of Discovering the Healing Powers of Food and Thought” is a recent achievement in her multi-faceted life. With formal training in psychology, business, leadership and vibrational healing, Margaret’s professional life now includes author, educator, and practitioner of vibrational medicine.

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