I have been intrigued by the level of interest readers have shown to the subtle energy section in my book ‘Eat … Think … Heal’. I really wasn’t sure how it would be received. It’s a very large subject that I have tackled at a steady pace to enable me to take on new information and have new experiences that demonstrate to me the enormous power and influence of energy in our lives. Part of that learning for me has been the training I have received through the Dawson Program, as I explain below.

To accept that subtle energy exists and has an impact on our lives also requires an acceptance that our body is more than a cellular mechanism. Richard Gerber, author of the book ‘Vibrational Medicine: the #1 Handbook of Subtle-energy Therapies’, sees the human being as a “multidimensional organism made up of physical/cellular systems in dynamic interplay with complex regulatory energetic fields.”

Various vibrational healing modalities aim to heal illness by working directly with these complex regulatory energetic fields, rather than manipulating the cells through drugs or surgery.

Gerber’s interpretation of subtle energies is that there are many types of these energies connected with the physical form of the human body. Each type has its own range of frequencies, with the connecting frequencies of each energy form providing an interface to allow the influence of the higher energy form to connect with the next lower energy form, until eventually reaching the physical form, which we are able to recognise through the narrow spectrum of our own senses.

I am trained in a form of vibrational medicine called the Dawson Program. The Dawson Program supports many of the perspectives adopted by Richard Gerber, including the concept that “the physical body is so energetically connected and dependant upon the etheric body for cellular guidance that the physical body cannot exist without the etheric body.”

From this statement, you can see that the Dawson Program differs from the conventional Western medical approach to human and animal physical construction, health and illness. In our training we see first hand how the energetic body impacts the physical and emotional condition of each of us as participants. In my book, I give detailed examples of people who have benefited in significant ways from the vibrational healing tools of intention and sound. Perhaps the simplest explanation of the Dawson Program is that it accesses the power of intention and the use of frequencies to correct the flow of energy through and around the body to allow the body to self-heal.

When we are providing training to people in the Dawson Program, we highlight the importance of balanced energy in context of all the other influences on our health. Energy is a major component, but not the only one. Sometimes it may be an energetic correction that is required to allow the body to heal. Sometimes it may be a dietary change, improved physical exercise, the removal of toxins from food, air and water, or a change in our mental approach to challenges in our lives. It is my view that all these other influences can be just as important to our healing process. Usually, one is the priority to be dealt with immediately, with the others to be followed up at a later date. The Dawson Program, and other forms of energetic healing, are important because when our energetic framework is not in balance, then we may not obtain the maximum benefits of our diet, exercise and positive thought patterns. This is because a ‘dint’ in our energetic framework impacts on our physical and emotional wellbeing even when we make other positive changes in our lives. Often, this makes energetic healing the ‘missing link’ for people.

With kinesiology as our testing tool, it is possible to ascertain whether a correction of energy is indeed the highest priority. We include this in our training and also my own practice with clients.

When referring to the body’s electrical framework, the Dawson Program recognises twenty-eight main electrical frequencies: fourteen meridians, seven chakras and seven auric fields. Each of these systems has individual frequencies that can be affected by shock. This shock can be from a physical interference, a toxic interference or from an emotional interference. If any of these frequencies is altered by this shock, the subconscious mind will use the body’s own muscles and bone structure to re-align the physical structure to this now imperfect framework. If this is not corrected, illness will follow. “If the matrix remains in an altered state, the body remains permanently in a warped condition until corrected.”

The Dawson Program training is not only intended for people who want to become a practitioner. It is first of all intended for use within your own family to train you in the skills necessary to keep you and your extended family in a state of energetic balance by learning techniques of vibrational medicine.

Depending on the correction, the patient can experience a significant physical change. On other occasions, the patient will experience an overwhelming sense of lightness, having released a great deal of emotional blockage, often built up over a long period of time, sometimes carried from previous generations.

Like many forms of natural healing, the Dawson Program is simple, yet profound.

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