WITH my family’s farming experience as a backdrop, in this audio/slide presentation I delve into the tools of choice for modern farmers to improve yield and weed control – namely artificial fertilisers (for yield) and glyphosate (for weed control).

I also explain how constant use over long periods causes the demise of our soils and a downturn in human health. A written version of this audio presentation is also available – https://letnaturebethedoctor.com/is-modern-farming-serving-society-2/

Listening Guide

(0.00-5:55) Introduction to the topic, and an explanation of modern farming
(5:55-7:30) A description of how modern farming is dysfunctional
(7:30-9:02) Introduction of the importance of the carbon/mineral exchange and the shikimate pathway, and how they are interrupted by fertilisers and glyphosate
(9:02-14:45) Explanation of carbon/mineral exchange
(14:45-20:07) Explanation of shikimate pathway
(20:07-21:34) 1950s to Now, explaining how farming changes have led to antibiotics, chemical sprays and superbugs
(21:34-24:15) A challenge to modern agricultural industries to face these important messages
(24:15-26:02) Summary of impacts of modern farming on soils and human health