THIS video was recorded at the launch of my book Eat … Think … Heal.

Former ABC journalist and producer Gerald Tooth moderated the event. In his opening address, Gerald said that Eat … Think … Heal is ‘a little book that asks some very big questions’.

The interview covered the overall content of the book with some specific issues dealt with in detail. In order, these include:

  • Our family history and the circumstances that lead to me writing the book – 10 mins.
  • The effect of the introduction of artificial fertiliser on the quality of our food and the health of our soils – 4 mins.
  • The impact of artificial fertiliser and poor soils on human health – 4 mins.
  • The role of the heart as a thinking tool – 5 mins.
  • An explanation of vibrational healing for human and landscape health – 4 mins.
  • Maintaining productivity when you no longer use fertiliser and chemicals – 3 mins.
  • The beginning of a social revolution about food – 2 min.
  • The difference in the health characteristics of grain fed and grass fed meat – 1.5 mins.
  • Final message – we have a choice – 1 min.