DOCUMENTARY producer Cyndi O’Meara invited me to participate on a three-person panel discussing alternative natural farming systems to replace our current Western industrial farming model.

This panel was formed as a follow-up to Cyndi’s recent documentary What’s With Wheat?.

Cyndi invites us to discuss alternatives and consequences to the current use of large quantities of chemical-based fertilisers, and weed and insect sprays.

What’s With Wheat – A Farmer Perspective from What’s With Wheat on Vimeo.

Viewing schedule

0.00-3.55: Panel introduction
3.55-7.35: Q1 Why should farmers move away from using pesticides and change our farming practices?
7.35-17.50: Q2 What prompted you to change?
17.50-27.00: Q3 Do you think it is sensible to go back to growing our traditional wheats as opposed to our hybridised wheat created around the 1970s?
27.00-40.30: Q4 How does a farmer make the changes and what is his first step? What is it that he needs to change?
40.30-50.00: Q5 What are the implications if we continue to farm in the way we currently farm in the industrial way?
50.00-1:05.00: Contact details and follow up information from each of the three panelists.