A new healing technique, or the door to a new way of viewing the world?

Richard Gerber is the author of a highly regarded reference book simply titled ‘Vibrational Medicine’. Gerber’s book is now on its third edition with more than 125,000 copies sold. He defines vibrational medicine as healing with different forms of frequencies of energy.

Gerber identifies two sub-sets of vibrational medicine. The first is recognised and utilised in conventional medicine with a range of different machines that deliver a specific frequency for a specific medical purpose. This may be relieving back pains, dissolving kidney stones or improving bone healing. He calls this ‘electromagnetic medicine’.

The second sub-set Gerber calls ‘subtle energy medicine’. This energy exists outside the conventional magnetic energy spectrum. Measuring this energy is not easy to achieve, so its presence is widely questioned in conventional medical fields. Gerber’s advice is “People have been trying to measure the energy when it’s just as easy to measure the effects.”

Subtle energy is what the Dawson Program is all about. Seeing and feeling the effects is what has happened for so many clients of the Dawson Program for over twenty years. From my own practice, here is a sample of the feedback I have received.

Left and Right recognition:

“Thank you for getting my left/right back in order. I am still finding myself checking that it is right! Of course it is!”

Physical Stance:

“I think the most striking (benefit from this morning’s session) is a sense of being straight upright when I stand which I didn’t expect.”


“I have always been bad at remembering names to the point where I occasionally avoid meeting people in supermarkets whom I have known for years because I can’t introduce them to whoever I’m with. A couple of times in the last week I have had to recall a name and found it right there, no hesitation. This is marvelous!!”


“Thanks very much, Margaret. I felt very different after your treatment and managed to get through some normally exhausting gatherings on the weekend.”


“Just to let you know, the skin rash on my eyelids has disappeared, and the rash on my lower abdomen is lessening.”


“Just a short update. I am still taking a deep breath about every half hour and slept like never before last night. (My husband) tells me no snoring. Really fabulous!!”


Ashlin's card

And this beautiful card from a 7 year old feeling anxious about life!

I have written several blogs about symptoms from various conditions that can often be significantly reduced after a correction with the Dawson Program, including dyslexia, anxiety, depression and the search to turn around your overall health. One blog, titled “The One Question The Doctors Never Ask” looks specifically at the lack of awareness of subtle energy in our conventional medical system. I also write in my book, ‘Eat … Think… Heal’ of an experience in our extended family where a dyslexic condition was overcome in a young adult after Dawson corrections.

How does the Dawson Program training work?

Training with the Dawson Program can be as simple as learning a new healing technique, or it can be the door to a new way of viewing the world!

It allows you to work directly with your own family and assist with their overall health and wellbeing on many different levels. During the two workshops, we spend 50% of our time on practical activities so that when you leave the workshop, you are familiar with the steps you take to work through the protocol of the program. We spend the other 50% of our time in discussion and explanation. We believe that we are also able to provide you with an explanation of subtle energy that Richard Gerber would appreciate!

I have previously written a blog providing some explanation of the discipline behind the Dawson Program. You will develop a great deal more understanding through hands-on practice and group discussion.

As some of you already know, the Dawson Program is simple and non-invasive, yet can have a very powerful affect on your life and the life of those close to you.

All details of our training are contained in this brochure.

Early bird discounts and all contact details are included, so please phone or send an email to register, and with any queries that you may have.