Dyslexia can be reversed!

The reason I say this is because the position of our skull bones can be the key to unlocking dyslexia. If we have one or more skull bones that are not aligned correctly, they can place pressure on the parts of the brain that are used for reading, focus and comprehension.

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I highlight this issue because our schools are teaming with children with varying degrees of dyslexia and most people are unaware that options for help do exist. These children struggle in their capacity to be assessed in the traditional academic method, because their reading and written comprehension skills are limited.

lemmling-Cartoon-owl-sitting-on-a-bookTheir raw intellect is not affected but their ability to demonstrate this intellect is greatly affected. School results suffer and often social withdrawal or poor behaviour patterns accompany the dyslexic condition.

Dyslexia is essentially an eyesight problem. Misaligned skull bones place pressure on the brain impacting on the ability of the eyes to function in a fully integrated manner. Most particularly this pressure can limit the integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and reduce the ability of the eyes to absorb and process information.

At its worst, this can create extreme reading disability, or in a milder form it may result in tiredness, eye strain and minor problems with cognition. Contrary to some medical views, many of our skull bones do not fuse over time and instead remain maleable. They retain the capacity to articulate correctly even after they have been misaligned for many years. When realignment occurs, the unnatural pressure on the brain is released and the eyes are then able to develop the muscles to become integrated.

If I have peaked your interest so far, then here’s answers to some further questions you may have.

How do skull bones misalign?

For many people it can be the pressure placed on the skull bones during the birth process that causes this very small misalignment. The body’s electrical or energy systems are involved. For example, if the birth process was too difficult it may shock the new born baby. This could lead to a malfunction of the body’s electrical or energetic systems. Once that energetic framework has been ‘dinted’, then the physical body responds and follows that altered framework. In the instance of skull bones, this often means that they are slightly misaligned, causing the pressure on the brain.

The study of these electrical systems is not included in the training in modern western medicine. As a result, this information is not commonly available to people to take advantage of. Corrections to the body’s electrical systems can be achieved through forms of vibrational medicine by using the frequencies of particular sounds to rebalance the energy malfunction. This rebalance then allows the skull bones to realign and articulate correctly.

dawson program logoI am a practitioner of The Dawson Program which is a discipline of vibrational kinesiology which undertakes these energy corrections.

You may also want to know …

Which skull bones am I referring to?

The skull bones that most commonly impact on reading and comprehension are the sphenoid bone, the left and right temporal bones, and the occiputal bone.

Human skull bones

Human skull bones

These particular skull bones affect the integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. When these skull bones are not properly aligned, eye sight function can be limited due to reduced left and right hemisphere integration.

In my next article, I will be providing further explanation about the brain and eye malfunction that exists with dyslexia.

Perhaps you may also wonder what reaction the body has to an energy correction?

When the issue being dealt with is skull bone misalignment, the body’s response to the correction may be a headache for a short time. When the sound frequencies are being played, the person can often feel the impact in their skull. One person has described it to me as “feeling like there is a meccano set moving around in your head.”

How long does the correction process take?

With The Dawson Program, the correction takes from 1 ½ to 2 hours. It is a non-invasive process, identifying which energy fields are not fully functioning, and then using the appropriate frequencies to allow those electrical fields to correct. This energy correction then provides the platform for the physical body (skull bones) to adjust to the corrected energetic framework and realign.

cartoon-eyes-straight-on-black-hi-300x236To summarise

The 5 Things You Need to Know About Dyslexia and Your Skull Bones:

  1. The condition of dyslexia is essentially an eyesight problem caused by misaligned skull bones
  2. The physical shock of birth can often cause this skull bone misalignment
  3. While these skull bones remain misaligned, the eyes are unable to process information fully, which diminishes the integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, often causing a lifetime of reading and concentration difficulty including dyslexia and ADHD.
  4. These skull bones can realign when the energetic framework of the body is corrected
  5. Vibrational kinesiology is a discipline of vibrational medicine that can correct the body’s energetic framework, thus allowing the skull bones to correctly align

To learn more about vibrational healing, and The Dawson Program in particular, you can go to the blog page on my website, and read the blog titled “How Does Subtle Energy Affect Our Health?”

In my next article, I will go into more detail about the brain and eye malfunction that exists with dyslexia.

Further detail, along with our family’s personal experiences, are also available in my book ‘Eat … Think … Heal: One Family’s Story of Discovering the Healing Powers of Food and Thought’.

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Until next time, remember ‘nature heals … our job is to give it a chance’.