What’s the one question doctors never ask about your health?

question-mark-1019759__180In this blog, we take a look at the five key areas of your health, including the one area that your doctors never ask about – not because they forget, but because they are often not aware that this area exists.

I am talking about the energetic framework of your body and the impact it has on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

You may be interested to learn more,

  1. sadnessIf you have questions about your own health that have so far not been answered. This may be a general sense of ill health or may be something specific such as
  • a sense of anxiety or depression
  • a sore neck, hip or back
  • a habit of tripping or falling
  • poor reading and concentration
  1. If you are a parent who is searching for answers to unresolved learning, behavioural or emotional concerns for your children, then embracing this information could change the course of your child’s future and greatly reduce the level of concern and stress that you place yourself under searching for answers.
  1. If you are a teacher, learning to implement this system of energetic healing could provide you with access to a whole new field of influence to assist your pupils to focus, to improve their reading, and to comprehend their classroom material and activities.
  1. If you are a health practitioner who works with physical healing, understanding the role of the energetic framework as an underpinning system of our bodies may be of great assistance to you in the results that you achieve with your own discipline of healing.

In my training as a Dawson practitioner, we recognise five key areas of human health to investigate. Many health practitioners, including our doctors, often only look out for the first four. These are the food that we eat, the quality of our air and water, our level of physical activity, and our attitude to life. Each of these is very important to help ensure that we live a healthy life.

Our Energetic Framework

The fifth one, the health of our energetic framework, is rarely considered.

Our energetic framework impacts our physical and emotional wellbeing. When this framework is in balance, it can allow

  • our physical body to ‘self heal’. This may include correction of cranial bone misalignment, improved eye tracking and peripheral vision, correction of a twisted pelvis, or equalising of your leg length.
  • Improvements in our emotional wellbeing. This may be through the release of past stored emotions which no longer serve our health, or through the correction of energy that allows our cranial bones to properly align, potentially reducing anxiety, depression and other thought patterns which are not helpful to our wellbeing.
  • Underpin the benefits obtained from the other four areas of human health, by establishing a clear pathway for healing and allow the benefits of our diet, physical activity and focus on a positive attitude to be optimised.

The Dawson Program is a simple, yet profound, form of healing. In a separate blog, I gave further detail about our upcoming training course for the Dawson Program.

To benefit personally from an energy correction with the Dawson Program,

  • you simply need to have an open mind with a positive intention for healing
  • you can be any age
  • you may have a particular issue that you would like addressed, or
  • you may want an overall improvement in your sense of wellbeing.

To assist your own family to benefit from the Dawson Program,

I encourage you to seek out the answers to our fifth area of health that underpins so much else in our lives – that question that the doctors never ask, and to experience the benefits of the Dawson Program. This may be by contacting me for an individual energy correction, as well as through the opportunity provided in our personalised training program in Brisbane.

In the meantime, remember, “Let nature be the doctor”.