Hi, it’s Margaret Bridgeford here. As you are already reading this blog, you probably know that I am the author of ‘Eat … Think … Heal’ as well as being a practitioner and educator of a discipline of vibrational medicine called the Dawson Program.

This blog is to tell you more details about the Dawson Program as well as the training course coming to Brisbane in September and October this year!

What is the Dawson Program?

dawson program logoThe Dawson Program is a ground-breaking practice of vibrational medicine. It accesses the power of intention and the use of frequencies to correct the flow of energy through and around the body. This then allows the physical and emotional body to self-heal.

Why would you want to learn?

The Dawson Program training is not only intended for people who want to become a practitioner. It is first of all intended for use within your own family to train you in the skills necessary to keep you and your extended family in a state of energetic balance by learning techniques of vibrational medicine.

This training gives you the power to positively impact your own life, as well as the lives of those closest to you. Changes could include an improvement in your emotional state, your level of concentration, reading and comprehension, learning and memory, weight control and blood sugar levels as well as many other areas of your general health and well being.

The Dawson Program can heal the body’s energetic framework, which is the One Question Doctors Never Ask.

What is the detail?

For the first time, we are offering training in the Dawson Program in Brisbane in 2016. The goal of this training is to give you the skills necessary to keep you and your extended family in a state of energetic balance by learning simple yet profound techniques of healing.

Marg & ShaneIt is a pleasure to have Shane Gregg to join me as one of the educators for this Brisbane program. Shane is a long established Dawson practitioner and trainer. More details can be found in our brochure.

The program consists of two modules, five weeks apart, with practical exercises to complete in between. Each module is 3 days duration. Dates and other details can be found in our brochure.

What If – Q’s

Training in The Dawson Program can be undertaken whether or not you have past experience in vibrational medicine. It is particularly recommended for parents and teachers, as well as health practitioners who may want to expand their knowledge or understand more fully how vibrational medicine can profoundly impact our lives.

The workshop is delivered in a professional, practical learning environment with small groups of 5 – 6 people and at least 50% of the time dedicated to the practical application of this most powerful discipline of vibrational medicine.

Want to know more?

I encourage you to register to attend the Dawson Program training in Brisbane in September and October 2016. Go to our registration details including our Early Bird Special.

To learn more about this elegant healing discipline, read my recent blog. Alternatively, you can send me a message on my website or FB page.

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