I have recently written several blogs about the Dawson Program and its position as a healing discipline within the scope of vibrational medicine. By now, you may be wondering what actually happens when you experience a correction with the Dawson Program.

Here’s a quick precise, as well as a few examples of feedback from clients of the Dawson Program in my Brisbane practice.

The process takes around 1.5 hours. The goal of the session is to identify any weaknesses in your energy systems that flow in and around the body. This is achieved using the practice of muscle response known as kinesiology. Once these areas have been identified, then appropriate frequencies, usually sound frequencies are then played to improve these malfunctioning energy fields. These sound frequencies include Tibetan chakra bowls, meridian tuning forks and auric field bells, horns or symbols. In addition, we may use scent frequencies, and crystal frequencies to assist with the correction of the malfunctioning energy fields.

Generally, people find the experience to have a calming and uplifting impact.

In my book ‘Eat … Think … Heal’ I offer considerable detail and explanation behind the principles and protocols that support the Dawson Program.

Clients generally experience significant improvements in their overall wellbeing, and often in specific areas of their lives. This may be areas such as reading, concentration, sleep patterns, reduced anxiety and reduced pain for some people. To give you a little more clarity, here is some feedback from reason clients in my Brisbane practice. Your own response may not replicate these clients, but I consider this feedback to be an interesting guide.

  1. “I would really like to say “thank you” for getting my left/right back in order. I am still finding myself checking that it is right! Of course it is!”
  2. “I really found the morning with you most interesting and have definitely found benefits from it. I think the most striking is a sense of being straight upright when I stand which I didn’t expect.”
  3. “I feel so much calmer, thank you.”
  4. “One more thing, I have always been bad at remembering names to the point where I occasionally avoid meeting people in supermarkets whom I have known for years because I can’t introduce them to whoever I’m with.A couple of times in the last week I have had to recall a name and found it right there, no hesitation. This is marvelous!!”

If you would like further information about training in the Dawson Program or a personal Dawson Correction, please contact me.

Until next time, remember … Let nature be the doctor.