What’s your medicine?

We have so many health treatment choices available to us. It’s sometimes tricky to work out which one to use and when.

  • If you have gut issues, you may ask yourself “Should I go to a doctor, or a dietician or a naturopath?”
  • If you have joint pain or inflammation, the question could be “Should I use anti-inflammatories or a herbal medicine or something different?”
  • If sleeping is difficult, you may wonder “Should I go to a sleep apnoea specialist or an acupuncturist?”
  • If you have prolonged periods of anxiety that you would like treatment for, you may ask “Should I ask my doctor for medication or try a kinesiologist or a homeopath?”

And so the list goes on.

Most people reading this blog will know that my personal interest is in natural healing. My slogan after all is ‘let nature be the doctor’. Even under this banner there are so many choices.

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt is a German trained doctor who practices in the US. As part of his formal medical training the German system included homeopathy and acupuncture. From this training he became clear that there are three ‘types’ of medicine. His description really resonated with me and helped me to think about all the options available to us. As I describe these to you, please consider what is your type of medicine.

The three categories are regulation medicine, substitution medicine and suppression medicine.

The largest in our western world is suppression medicine. This covers all medicine that works to ‘suppress’ the symptoms. This includes pharmaceutical substances such as anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, and anti-biotics. It also includes medications available to reduce a temperature or provide relief from pain, as well as vaccines and other medications.

The second group is substitution medicine. This is the most common alternative approach that people adopt. It works to replace the missing elements in the body with a ‘substitute’. This is most commonly vitamin and mineral supplements. Simple examples could include Zinc or Vitamin D supplements when blood tests show that you have low zinc or vitamin D levels. It may also include certain herbs. The list of supplemental options available is almost endless.

The third group is regulation medicine. This group of medicine assumes that the body is a self-regulating system. This medicine works to stimulate the body’s own ability to regulate itself. Categories include homeopathy, acupuncture, vibrational kinesiology, osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy. Their focus is to enhance the biology of your own system without introducing any chemical or manufactured substances. Wholefoods also sit in this category with their powerful ability to bring the body back into regulation.

What’s your medicine?

My field of work and first preference is the use of regulation medicine in all its approaches. My book ‘Eat … Think … Heal’ details how the the health of the soil ultimately determines the health of the human body. Somehow we intrinsically understand that a balanced soil is better! As a practitioner of vibrational kinesiology I have found the healing possibilities to be almost endless when we work with the body’s ability as a self-regulating system. In addition, personal experience with the healing powers of food and real-food supplements has also convinced me that real food is a cornerstone to allowing the body to self-regulate.

I work on the basis that regulation medicine is always my first point-of-call. It may also be suitable as a second or third point-of-call if you have a chronic condition that is not healing with your current choices. Sometimes a combined approach could help to reduce the dependence on medications and supplements. The suitability of different combinations will depend very much on the severity or type of condition.

Any approach to health requires us to become educated about our own body and to understand the principles behind the health choices that we make. I hope that this short blog about the different types of medicine will help you in that pursuit.

For further information on either vibrational medicine or the healing powers of food, please read about my philosophy to healing, as well as previous blogs about vibrational medicine and foods that heal. To make an appointment, please contact me.

In the meantime, remember … “let nature be the doctor”!